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© 2017 Laura Gotlin Yoga -Illustrations and Design by Thea Telford Illustration.

Photography by Liz Unterman Photography



March 13, 2020





Join Andrea R. Freeman & Laura Gotlin for an evening to connect with your Archangels through Essential Oils, Collective Card Reading and Restorative Yoga poses. When combining the healing properties of the Metaphysical, Yoga and Essential Oils, you bring a greater sense of clarity & peacefulness into your life.


In this workshop, you will connect with 7 out of the main 15 Archangels that watch over, protect, heal and do so much more for all of us in our daily lives. If we are too overwhelmed or unaware of their guidance, it may seem at times that our prayers go unanswered, however they are always near. 


Through the use of essential oils, you can elevate your mood to be more receptive to your Angel's presence. You will also experience the particular essential oils and meditative restorative yoga poses that are used to connect with them, enabling you to center and balance your mind, body & soul opening up your communication with the Archangels. 


Aromas enhance your psychic abilities and heighten your intuition. Fragrances transcend the physical world & awaken your spiritual body. This in turn raises your vibration enabling your alignment to connect to the vibration of the angelic realm. Angels connect to the smell of oils because it recognizes the soul of the plant used. Using essential oils helps to calm the mind, relax the body & soothe the soul. 


Restorative Yoga poses help release tension, promote flexibility & expansion, encourage you to embrace the present & turn your focus within where you can set intentions on working with your Archangels to discover your life's purpose.

***Please bring a mat, water, dress comfy and in layers.


March 21, 2020




Join Laura Gotlin, Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach; and Laura Pascale, Board Certified Acupuncturist and Holistic Health Coach, for their second "Yin Yoga and Acupuncture" workshop welcoming Spring. Enhancing a Yin Yoga practice with Acupuncture will awaken our free flow of vital energy in preparation for Spring. The first day of Spring (also known as the Vernal Equinox) is Thursday, March 19th. 


Spring is the time that we transition from the time of deepest Yin (the winter), into the beginnings of Yang energy. In TCM, it is the optimal time to support our liver as it is paramount in transforming our energy stores from the winter into our powerful energy of spring. This is our creative energy- the energy of new beginnings, like buds on the trees. In the same way rivers thaw and begin to flow, it is time to awaken and restore the free flow of qi (vital energy) in our body. 


To begin the workshop, Laura G. will lead you through a series of Yin Yoga postures with a specific focus on the Liver Meridian. 


Following the practice, once everyone has reached the resting pose of Savasana, Laura G. will guide you through a meditation while Laura P. performs the acupuncture. For this workshop, Laura P. will use four acupuncture points- two on the feet and two below the knees- to nourish the Liver system through Chinese Medicine. The selected points will also support the immune system, gathering strength to keep you healthy during the spring winds and changing weather. 


***In Yin Yoga, postures are held for a longer period of time typically seated or lying down, stretching the connective tissue around the joints and increasing the flow of energy throughout the body. Open to all levels!

*Bring a mat or borrow one of ours, dress comfy and in layers, remove any jewelry prior to workshop. 

*Please notify us if you have any injuries, sensitivies and/or recovering from surgery.


'Journey Back to Self' Yoga Retreat

August 8-August 15, 2020

Peacock Pavilions Hotel

Marrakech, Morocco 

ONLY 4 spots left!

Co-hosted by Toni Ann Benino and Laura Gotlin

Please visit our retreat website for more details and registration information!

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