private sessions

A great introduction to yoga if you are a beginner. For intermediate and advanced practitioners, learn how to break down your practice, ask questions, set intentions, delve a little deeper – physically or spiritually. You have the ability to customize your practice focusing on a certain group of muscles or recovering from an injury. Having the freedom of learning in my studio space or your own home, at a time we choose, will enable a more relaxed and beneficial experience.   

health coaching

Integrative Nutrition is not just about the food on your plate; it's about the water you drink, the air you breathe, the love in your life, the amount you exercise, whether you have a fulfilling career and spiritual practice and so on. Together we will explore what works best for you and your unique body. There is no one diet that works for everyone, therefore, your sessions will be based on your Bio-Individuality.

Family Sessions

Experience incredible bonding time with your family while strengthening your bodies and minds. Setting a great example of the importance of taking care of yourself and creating healthy habits for the future. I work with children, teens and adults of all capabilities. 

Corporate yoga

Yoga in the workplace is becoming more common and very much needed. Tailored poses and mindfulness serve as the perfect counteraction to your working day. I am available for morning, lunchtime and evening sessions. Great for team building and staff training as well. 

small group 

Another way to cultivate the intimate environment of one-to-one sessions is to come along with a few friends and share the experience! Groups of 2 – 4 work best.

guided meditation

Meditation is great anyone looking to reduce stress, manage anxiety, and quiet the mind of chatter while cultivating inner peace. You will learn various styles of meditation, tools for mindfulness, breathwork, and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with pure essential oils to enhance relaxation.

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