I began taking yoga classes about a two years ago and before my first class, I imagined that I would feel lost or like a real novice in the room. Laura made yoga so accessible for me and I felt instantly welcomed, comforted and accepted by her presence. To this day, I find that Laura brings something new and wonderful to each class, always adapting to the needs of the group. I now bring my daughter to Laura's kids yoga classes, which have been as much of a joy and a help for my five-year-old as the adult classes have been for me. I cannot say enough about Laura's spirit both on and off the mat. She has been a light in our life and we feel refreshed and in a better place - mind, body and spirit - after every session!

-Nicole Robinson-Velez

Laura Gotlin is an amazing and talented yoga instructor. She is passionate, knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, and a burst of positivity. Every session is different so that students can constantly grow and evolve. I have also been doing private sessions with Laura, and I have learned so much more than yoga poses. She incorporates essential oils, meditations, and mindfulness practices. Every time I leave her, I am calmer, stress-free, and in a better place. She always tweaks the sessions based on what I need to focus on that day. Laura has done the impossible - made me enjoy and reap all of the benefits of yoga.

-Anna-Maria Demonte

I always wanted to take yoga classes, either I didn’t have time or I was worried I wouldn't be flexible enough. That all changed when I took Laura Gotlin's private sessions. Laura is very patient, uplifting & supportive. She takes her time with each pose & reminds you to be gentle with your body and not force any moves. She is what I call my "Energy Doctor" because she asks how I'm feeling at the top of each session and correlates the poses based on what my aura/body needs. Laura also uses essential oils to enhance your balance, healing & mood. After each session I always feel relaxed, less stressed and confident in tackling life's tough moments. When you book a session with Laura your booking time well spent & being in the presence of someone who truly is passionate about yoga & your well-being.

-Andrea R. Freeman

I have been going to yoga now for over a month. I met Laura on Facebook, and right from the start I knew she was the right yoga teacher for me. I explained to Laura that I have progressive MS which makes me have extreme fatigue and difficulty walking. The muscles in my legs are very tight but going to yoga for this short period of time with Laura has been a Godsend from Heaven. My legs are loosening up and I am starting to feel better about my inner self. Laura is a very beautiful person inside and out. She has a great heart and is very patient especially with people with handicaps like myself. It took me a long time to get to yoga because my self-esteem was low but Laura made me feel very comfortable. We use a chair and the floor for yoga since my balance is off. I will continue to practice yoga with Laura, I believe yoga helps your mind, body and soul. I believe in meditation to help you relax and get in touch with your soul. I will definitely recommend Laura Gotlin to all my friends, thank you. 

-Ray Leibrock

Laura is a fabulous and committed yoga instructor, generously sharing her vast knowledge and experience and passion.  Participating in her class is always uplifting, has enhanced my own practice, and has facilitated my work as a personal trainer. Thank you, Laura, for always sharing and encouraging, for helping to keep me limber and centered, for my health and for that of my clients. 

- Ruth Sacks Marlin

I have finally found a yoga teacher that teaches to my needs.  I'm a senior participant and have the usual aches and pains as well as old sport injuries.   Laura offers modifications and motivates me to try within my comfort zone.  I have been with Laura for a year now and my chronic back pain has disappeared.  I feel myself growing with her teaching and look forward to my classes with her.

- Patricia Stark-Ribiero

I was visiting my mother in New York (I live in Israel) and had the pleasure of attending some of Laura's classes. The words she used in her classes really hit me -- to my center, especially about setting an intention. In the months that passed, at each milestone in my journey towards making intention more a part of my daily life, I thought of Laura and remembered kindling that flame, that deep desire of mine to connect more consciously with myself. 

Equally a treasure for me is the idea of a "practice." It is such a powerful concept- it has with it committment, devotion, and also playfulness because you aren't expected to come out with a successful perfect performance...just to keep trying at it. That practice can be yoga or setting intentions...for me now it is also being loving to myself and to the people around me-- a practice -- and the newest realm of all: eating-- that eating mindfully can be a practice. A goal I am dedicated to working toward and investing time and energy in, without expectations and symbols of success (like a certain weight) and acknowledging that perfection doesnt apply here. This is not about an end. It's an ongoing process.

The energy Laura gave in the classes, that gentleness, and confident direction is a blessing! I am so touched that I got to have that experience. 

-Nanette Herman


Laura is the most amazing yoga instructor I have ever met, she truly changed my life! Anyone who has ever doubted yoga, you have no idea what you are missing- it is truly a blessing. It is truly a blessing to have Laura as my instructor! 

-Cindy Alexis

Working with Laura has truly enhanced my life physically, mentally and spiritually. I work in a very stressful environment and tend to have trouble relaxing and allowing myself to decompress at the end of the day, so much so that some nights I just can’t sleep. As you could imagine, my body and mind were completely tired and worn out. A good friend of mine mentioned Laura Gotlin Yoga had helped her with some of the same issues so I decided to take a class with her. Best decision of my life!!. Laura was professional yet down to earth and immediately made me feel comfortable. She clearly communicated the poses so I never felt confused. She showed me alternate versions/variations of the poses while carefully and mindfully making sure I was properly aligned at all times. I started doing weekly group classes. I couldn’t get enough so I decided to include weekly private lessons, then added weekly restorative class and any other specialized classes she offered where my schedule would allow. I am hooked and have never felt better!! I am more relaxed, less stressed and sleeping much better. Laura is patient, encouraging and epitomizes the embodiment of yoga. She does not have a one size fits all approach to her teaching and will tailor class according to what works for you.  She incorporates the use of essential oils and meditation further deepening and enhancing the practice. She is knowledgeable, insightful and fully supportive. She teaches you to honor your body and what it needs on and off the yoga mat. I am eternally grateful for her and all she has taught and continues to teach me.

-Deanna Fleming

We all know what it's like when we find a dress that fits perfectly or a hairdresser that cuts our hair great. It's like finding gold. Well, since I have had Laura's guidance on nutrition, not only do I feel better but look better, too. My doctors and friends have complimented me because I dropped weight effortlessly,  and look much younger than I am. Well, all I can say is thank you to Laura for her guidance, knowledge and for being a wonderful teacher. I look forward to January 2019 and her group classes. I have found gold, again. .       

-Carmella Randazzo   

Laura's playlists are everything! So soothing and perfect to listen to. I love Laura for her energy and positivity. My last restorative session with her was amazing and everything I needed. I want to thank Laura for touching my heart in so many ways through her music, her voice and her overall love for healing others! 

-Jennifer Rosalli 

Wonderful instructor. If you have never taken a yoga class, and think you can't do it for one reason or another, come to a class with Laura. Laura's classes are for any level. She is a very gifted "teacher". You will get it, after you take her class. Patience, encouragement, and obviously so good at what she does. Just go, you won't regret it. Yoga is great for anyone, at any age you find yourself. Does not matter if you think you are not flexible. It's not about that. I had such tight, short muscles when I decided to go. Never thought I be able to do it. It was soooo great to see my body change become flexible feel good (And what it does for your head is a whole other gift).You will be able to do her class. You will feel so great afterward...Go!

-Dawn Haeflinger-Orazem

Laura is a light and life force and shares these gifts with us whenever we are in her presence.

-Kathleen Squires-McAlinden

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